Welcome to Eat. Pray. Luxe.

The notion of Eat, Pray, Luxe is simple:


Maintaining a healthy, loving relationship with your body by mindfully nourishing it with the nutrients it so rightfully deserves. Exploring food in all wholesome forms to fuel your body, mind and soul. Whether it be with friends or for yourself, with maybe a treat along the way, this is about a balanced, holistic lifestyle to have you glowing from the inside out. 


Embarking on a journey to find your true self, your beautiful inner confidence, and your soul. Yearning for a life full of adventure and excitement, you use your divine energy to harvest your potential, so that you can live life to its fullest capacity. 



This is about those little things in life, looking good, feeling good and expressing your unique self. With a creative flair and eye for style, you are daring and bold in your fashion, and unafraid to make a statement. Your active lifestyle doesn't hold you back - you love the convergence of fitness and fashion.

This mantra is something we believe in, something that empowers us and drives us to be the best possible version of ourselves that we can be, without sacrificing those little luxuries in life. Our mission is to bring you health, fitness and style tips, the latest natural health and beauty product reviews,  and above all, inspire you to be the best version of YOU.

The journey starts here......


Love lots,

the Pure Dash Girls



Kathy Brain

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