Strawberry and Cucumber Detox Water

Stay Hydrated With These 5 Easy Recipes For Detox Water

Find staying hydrated a challenge at times? Our friend, Blogger babe Jasmine from 'Pocket Full Of Me' shares her 5 favourite detox water recipes to make staying hydrated a lot easier (and more delicious). Drink up and enjoy! xo

We all know the importance of staying hydrated, especially with Summer upon us, but if you’re like me and get bored of drinking plain water all the time? I love infusing my water with different fruits and flavours. Not only is it nutritious, nourishing and affordable, it really helps to drink more water and stay hydrated throughout the day too.

Here are some of my favourite combinations... 


Chop up chunks of fresh strawberries and let them sit and infuse in your water bottle and/or water jug. The strawberries give a sweet flavour yet still subtle flavour, and the taste is ahh-mazing!

You Need:

5-6 strawberries, roughly chopped (you can add more or less depending on how subtle you want the flavour to be)



Mint can be an acquired taste but if you love mint then you’ll love this super refreshing and detoxing flavour. Roughly chop fresh mint leaves and let sit in your water bottle throughout the day. The longer you leave the mint in your water bottle the better.

 You need:

Small handful of mint leaves



This may sound like a strange combination, but chopping up chunks of cucumber will give your water a refreshing and cool taste. I tried it for the first time while I was in Athens a few years ago, and went home and continued to infuse my water with cucumber ever since! *you can even combine cucumber with mint too!

 You need:

½ cucumber. Chopped

Small handful of mint (optional)



A good squeeze of orange tastes great in water, as does any citrus fruit really! Whether you use lemon, lime or orange; it adds a great kick to boring plain old water any day.

 You need:

Juice of 1 orange (same if you are using lemon or lime)



Fruity teabags can work a treat adding them to water for a sweet iced tea flavour. Let the tea bag sit over night to get as much flavour out as you can, or alternatively, you can sit the tea bag in hot water first to get as much flavour out before placing water back in the fridge to cool overnight. You can even use loose leaf tea if you have got a bottle or water jug with a little infuser inside.

You need:

1 tea bag of choice (or 3-4 tsp of loose leaf tea)

HOT TIP: I’m a huge fan of sparkling water! Try using a little bit of sparkling water (half sparkling and half plain will do the trick otherwise I find it’s too fizzy) to any of these flavours for an even tangier variation.

You can checkout more from more from Jasmine at xoxo 

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5 Tips To Help You Keep Your New Years Resolutions

5 Tips To Help You Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year babe! I'm sure you've made some resolutions for 2017 (just like all the years before, ahem) and if you're anything like the vast majority of the population I'm sure that some (or all) of them have fallen by the way side. So how do we set a list of goals for a year that holds events we cannot possibly foresee? Below are some tips to help keep your goals in line and be buzzing with a sense of achievement.

1. Be Specific

Avoid vague goals like 'get fit, have a better work/life balance, be healthier, etc, etc'. Instead opt for specific, measurable goals such as 'attend 3 fitness classes per week, meditate daily for 10 minutes, drink 8 glasses of water per day'. 

2. Set Realistic Goals

Is it realistic to expect you will travel to 12 different countries in a year? Perhaps if you live in Europe (and you're loaded!), but it may not be as easy from your location or with other financial commitments you currently have. Similarly, with your health and fitness goals, set a realistic figure or your goal will seem unattainable and you will give up when it becomes apparent that you are not going to be able to achieve it. Realistic goals are easier to achieve and will keep you interested.

3. Group Goals Into Bite Size Chunks

In the same way realistic goals keep you interested, if you can keep the goals small and group them together you'll feel the sense of achievement which develops into inspiration and motivation to keep going. Split goals into short, medium and long term goals and connect them if possible. For example, if your goal is to get back into regular exercise, considering starting with an initial short-term goal of exercising at least twice a week. This can then lead to your medium term goal of going at least four times a week and then a long term goal is to have a solid timetable that you can stick to and have stuck to for the rest of the year.

4. Make Your Goals Visible

Now that you've got your list of goals it's time to display them in a prominent place. Think whiteboards, chalk boards or for something prettier, a frame and a nice piece of paper are great ways to display them. When you can see your list, it's tangible and much easier to keep front of mind. Make the goals public if you have to. Get your friends on board. Create a Facebook photo album and add a photo for each time you achieve a goal. You can also list them in the description and tick them off as they are completed.

5. Planning Is Key

Forward planning really is a key factor in achieving your goals. Getting into a regular habit of making time on Sunday (or whatever day works best for you) to plan the week ahead sets you up for success. Whilst set backs and unforeseen events are inevitable, having a plan in place (and being flexible) will help you to jump back into it as soon as you are able.

Ultimately, your goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable and realistic. Put these tips to use and you will be ticking off your goals in no time!

What goals have you got planned for this year?? Be sure to share them with us in the comment section below. 

Love Lots

The Pure Dash Team


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Time to wander - Sunshine Coast Wanderlust 2016: What to expect, what to do and what to wear.

Time to wander - Sunshine Coast Wanderlust 2016: What to expect, what to do and what to wear.

Wanderlust Sunshine Coast is almost upon us! For 4 days, from October 20th-23rd 2016 the Novotel Twin Waters will be transformed to a mindful living wonderland, filled with world class yoga instruction, guided outdoor adventures, incredible music by top performers, organic food, art and inspirational talks.

What to expect 

Expect a buzzing energy that is absolutely contagious. Whether you are venturing out solo, with your BFF , you are young or young at heart, everyone is welcome at Wanderlust and you are sure to meet new like minded people, have lots of fun and be well on the way to finding your true north. The days can be long (some activities start as early as 6am) however there is no shortage of healthy and delicious fare as well as fresh filtered water stations to  keep you energised and hydrated well into the night.


Choose your own adventure

Here's a link to the incredible lineup of activities you can choose from.

Wanderlust Sunshine Coast Schedule 

Top 3 activities we're most looking forward to

Melissa Ambrosini. Love Louder - Because who wouldn't want to take tips from this health and wellness guru who inspires women all over the world to master their inner mean girl?! "You didn’t come here to suffer. You came here to be the fullest expression of yourself and to remember the truth of who you are...LOVE. In this session I give you my 3 step process to kick fear to the curb once and for all and 5 ways to live a more heart centred life."

Splendour in spaciousness with Julie Smerdon and Andy Dub - Because this sounds like an absolutely divine yoga experience. "Stir your spirit and soothe your soul in this class designed to nourish, inspire, and connect you with your inner fullness. Join us for a soulful flow peppered with contemplation and pranayama, all set to tracks by AndyDub. Over the soundtrack will be inspirational spoken quotes on the beauty of space, both inner and outer."

Uncorked Saturday - Because it wouldn't be a festival without a wine (or two). "Samplings of local and imported wine, beer, and libations, plus seasonal hors d'oeuvres. The variety will vary by region and availability, but the vibe will be undeniable. With live music, something to sip on, and a setting sun, Uncorked offers a unique post-yoga, pre-party hang."

What we're wearing

Our favourite Dharma Bums Leggings - from $85  If there was ever a time to don your favourite Dharma Bums Leggings this would be it! Designed and made here in Australia by Yogis for Yogis there is a style to suit everyone.

The Slinkii Organic Edition BENDY Tank - $90 (available in black and white) - This sports-luxe wardrobe essential will not only you have you looking good but also feeling good. They are made right here in Australia with 100% organic cotton. The drop armhole means you can show off your favourite sports bra and keep cool at the same time.

The Luxe Layer Short (online soon) - Perfect for all activities from outdoor adventures to yoga and SUP. The body hugging inner tight means you can bend, stretch and take downward dog in comfort knowing that you won't be flashing your fellow yogi behind you.

The Infinite Body Suit worn with the Luxe Layer Short in White (both online soon) - This open back Yoga body suit is as pretty as it is practical and allows you to move seamlessly from the beach to your next yoga class or activity. The built in shelf bra and adjustable straps give you the freedom to move whilst still offering support. Pair with the Luxe Layer Short to complete the look.

The Shanti Zip Jacket - $129 (on sale) great to throw on at the end of the day when the sun is going down and the temperature starts to drop. The perfect mix of comfort and luxe with the super soft grey fabric and sleek black sleeves complete with thumb holes.

Like to know more or book yourself a ticket?

Click this link: Wanderlust Sunshine Coast

Let us know if you are heading along. We'd love to see you there and perhaps share a yoga class or organic, locally sourced vino!

Love lots,

The Pure Dash Girls


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Our Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe

Our Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe

This is our take on the ever popular green smoothie. We've incorporated lots of the usual super food suspects (think kale, spinach, etc) however we've added our (not so) secret ingredient, The Super Elixir, to give you an extra inner beauty boost and have you glowing in no time!

Elle MacPherson's Super Elixir is a highly specialised alkalising super greens supplement that is the result of years of research and formulation. It contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements to assist with health and vitality. (It's also one of the yummiest tasting super greens supplements we've come across so far). 


- 250ml of coconut water from a fresh young coconut (this can be replaced with store bought coconut water. Just ensure the only ingredient is 'Coconut Water' and not concentrate, etc). 

- Handful of kale

- Handful of baby spinach leaves

- 1/4 cup frozen mango cubes

- 1 frozen banana chopped

- 1 teaspoon of Elle Macpherson's Super Elixir

Blend all of the ingredients together until smooth. Pour into your favourite glass.

Enjoy! xx



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5 Best Places to Do a Yoga Retreat in Bali

5 Best Places to Do a Yoga Retreat in Bali

 Have you ever wanted to go on a yoga retreat? Imagine beautiful vegan or raw meals, yoga twice a day, massages… Bliss! A yoga retreat is the perfect way to step back from our ultra busy lives and spend some time reconnecting to what’s important. Lucky for those of us who live in Australia, Bali is just a short plane ride away, and is the perfect spot for a yoga retreat! Today, I’m sharing a few of my favourites:


  1. Wild Goddess Retreat Bali

Run yearly by yogi, Sarah Jane Perman and held at the Bagus Jati Villa in Ubud, this retreat features amazing high vibrational healthy food, a whole lot of yoga, workshops and a dance party or two thrown in! There’s plenty of time to hang by the pool, visit nearby Ubud and twice daily yoga sessions are part of the deal. You’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to take over the world!


  1. COMO Shambhala Estate

The COMO Shambhala is perfect for the yogi who wants to treat themselves. Nominate your unique wellness objectives and a program will be tailored to suit, whether you want to stay for 3 days or 21. You won’t find just yoga here, the retreat also features pilates, massage, amazing food, and of course, as many massages as you can handle!


  1. The Yoga Barn

The Yoga Barn in Ubud is one of the most popular and well known yoga studios in Bali, and they run around 7 classes per day, ranging from Yin yoga to Vinyasa. The centre works with Bali Spirit to organise budget accommodation nearby, but the Ubud Aura Retreat Centre is right next door, so you can literally roll out of bed straight into savasana. You can choose from their 3 or 7 day cleanse, which includes colonics, massage, daily yoga classes, Shamanic Balinese healing ceremonies, meditation and treatments from the healers who work at the centre. 


  1. Fivelements

This award winning retreat is located on the banks of the Ayung River. The vibe is ultra spiritual, so expect to fully embrace the yogic philosophies to get the most out of your stay. The retreat is fully vegan, no alcohol or coffee is served, so it’s the perfect time to kick the caffeine addiction! You can book in for one of the healing programs, Panca Mahabuta for rejuvenation, or Tri Kaya Parisudha for detoxification. Every building on the site has some sacred significance, so you know your stay here will be a special one.


  1. Build Your Own Retreat

There are so many amazing yoga studios all across the island, why not pick and choose to build your very own yoga retreat! Ubud is particularly well known for it’s proximity to some amazing yoga studios, including The Yoga Barn. You should also consider idyllic Uluwatu, where you can take classes overlooking the beach or under the thatched roof of Morning Light Yoga, where you’ll be accompanied by a gorgeous black Labrador who you might find will join you on your mat by the end of class!


Have you been on a yoga retreat to Bali, or anywhere else in the world? Where should we add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!


Author: Claire Deane

To check out more from this beauty head to 

 Photo credit:

Love lots, 

the Pure Dash girls



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How to: 5 minute mindfulness Mediation to help relieve stress & anxiety

How to: 5 minute mindfulness Mediation to help relieve stress & anxiety

If you're anything like me, the thought of sitting still and doing nothing for more than a few seconds brings on feelings of angst and impatience. Well, that is, if you're like me a week ago before I decided to try Rochelle Fox's 5 minute Mediation.

Why I love it:

After practising Rochelle's technique for the past 7 days I now find myself looking forward to my new morning ritual of Mediation and Gratitude. Yes, this is something that I especially love about Rochelle's technique, not only does it take a teeny 5 minutes (and let's face it, if you don't have 5 minutes in your day for yourself you're doing something wrong!) but at the end of your Meditation, Rochelle encourages you to write down 3 things you are grateful for. 

 I believe this is such a genius and powerful combination. After just one week I have noticed an increase in my energy levels, mindfulness and overall happiness. 

How you can get started:

Click the link below to go to Rochelle's Youtube post which fully explains the process and how you can get started right away: How to: 5 minute mindfulness Meditation for Stress & Anxiety relief

I would love to hear about your own experience with this so please leave me a comment below.

Happy Meditating!




Like Rochelle's activewear style? Shop it now! 


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